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Optimize and enjoy the space in your home. Let us style your home, whether it be for sale, for rental, or for yourself. We offer practical and stylistic solutions and advice.


Want your spare room or garage back? Thinking of moving? Realise the potential and satisfaction from freeing up much needed space. Vini isn’t your regular ‘decluttering’ guru, rather he’s a hands-on self-taught individual who knows firsthand what living in disorganized mayhem is like and Crucially, what NOT living in chaos is like. He has even written a book about it. That’s why he’s best placed to show you his methods to declutter not only your home, but your work space, your digital world and your mind – the latter being extremely important for focus, achieving goals and for banishing feelings of anxiety and despair. Check out for inspiration and more info.

Garden Maintenance

garden maintenance

We will gladly attend to any garden maintenance that requires attention including mowing, edge & tree trimming, watering, fertilising, green waste removal, and general clean up. We also specialise in end-of-lease spruce ups.

cleaning and caring

We can clean your home from top to bottom. Whether it’s mopping, cleaning walls & ceilings, specialist laundering, cleaning cupboards, or simply doing the dishes.

Handyman Services

handyman services

Have you got odd jobs that need doing or finishing? Changing light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries through to replacing cracked tiles and touch up painting. Just ask, we may surprise you.