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Having experienced all types of accommodation around the world, we understand the importance of great guest experiences. We have been able to use what we have learnt, and turn it into a successful formula.

We also have a combined background and working knowledge in styling, decluttering, marketing, customer service, property maintenance, and cleaning.

Meet Martin

Martin Reitsema

Martin is co-founder and is well versed in B'n'B accommodation.

Meet Vini

Vini Foster

Vini is co-founder and has many years experience styling, designing & decluttering. He is a graphic designer and published author of the recent decluttering book 'The Life Changing Miracle of Creating Space'

The Life Changing Miracle of Creating Space

A Must Read...

from Vini Foster

You can’t have failed to notice how ‘decluttering’ is the trend du jour. However, before a certain person was asking us whether that moth-balled jumper in your wardrobe brings you ‘joy’ there was, and still is, Vini Foster.

Vini isn’t your regular ‘decluttering’ guru, rather he’s a self-taught and once chaotic individual who knows firsthand what living in disorganized mayhem is like. Crucially, he also, knows what NOT living in chaos is like. That’s why he’s best placed to teach you his methods to declutter your home, your work life, your digital world and your mind. The latter being extremely important for focus, achieving goals and for banishing feelings of anxiety and despair.

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property management

This is where we take care of all the everything for you and you reap the benefits.

property leasing

Lease your rental property to us, and rest with peace of mind that it will be looked after like a 5-star resort.

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Need design, layout, and practical solutions to help you get the best out of your property, contact us for a fresh approach.